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Speaking Center

MEF Speaking Center

As a subsidiary of the MEF Research Center of Learning and Teaching Practices, the Speaking Center is a compilation of regular sessions which the students can make use of to improve their aptitude in expressing themselves in English. Expressing opinions, engaging in debates and doing teamwork in English is often challenging for Turkish students; and we would like to provide you with a chance here to boost your confidence in expressing yourself in English, without the stress of grades getting you down. These sessions are conducted once a week, and students can enlist using the link below.
   Another service the communication center provides is sessions geared towards building up students’ presentation skills. Through utilization of these sessions, students can get feedback and support on presentations they hope to bring about in the future or examine what went wrong in previously wrapped up work.
   Also, one-on-one sessions can be scheduled on demand by students, to discuss and get feedback on any material or issues they want to bring to the instructor’s attention.

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MEF Communication Center Speech Guide


  Ahmet Ertuğrul Akyol graduated from the Political Science Bachelor of Arts program at Bilgi University. Afterwards, he received his Master of Sciences degree in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam. His thesis for that degree was on how the government’s irrigation project affected the local economy in Southeastern Turkey. He started working at CNN Turkey as an international news reporter as well as TV program content writer; and resumed his post there for a year.
  Akyol later received another Master of Sciences degree in Sociology from the University at Albany, in Albany, New York. His main focus shifted from the economy to culture, negotiation and collective meaning.
  Now as the Educational Support Coordinator of the CELT team, Akyol is running the English Speaking center, managing the CELT newsletter, and leveraging solutions for the regular assessment of Flipped learning and teaching performances at MEF.

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